Dodgers' Ownership Officially Changes Hands

The sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers, from Frank McCourt to the group headed by Mark Walter, Stan Kasten and Magic Johnson, has been completed.

The sale is complete. A new era begins. What should fans expect? Here are some highlights of the new ownership's press conference:

-Mark Walter seemed overjoyed at the podium. He spoke about growing up in Iowa, near the "Field of Dreams." He spoke of creating a safe and loving environment at Dodger Stadium. And, of course, he talked about building a winner.

-Magic Johnson seemed tremendously excited, even tearing up during the Q&A session. Magic also talked about the fan experience, which will seemingly be his primary focus. He also talked about making marketing and sponsorship decisions. The baseball decisions, he said, will be left up to Stan Kasten. Perhaps the most important announcement he made was regarding parking prices, which he said will be coming down. There's something for Dodger fans to look forward to.

-Stan Kasten, who said he's been under a gag order for the past 6 months, seemed eager to talk about the future of the club. He reiterated his stance on building from within, utilizing scouting and player development. When asked, he said he wouldn't wait for 25 kids to grow into their uniforms, though, and would take advantage of the trade market. That question was asked by none other than Larry King. He talked about the renovations and new construction that will be taking place at Dodger Stadium. He also talked about the fan experience, mentioning that he'll be spending his days at the game on the concourse so he can speak with fans face to face. He also mentioned having players in full uniform greeting fans at the gates as they enter the stadium.

-Perhaps the funniest part of the presser was when Vin Scully noted that, sadly, a basketball court that was supposed to be erected in the outfield hadn't been finished, which meant he and Magic couldn't play their one on one game. Vin added that he wouldn't have been able to play anyway, having suffered a "split infinitive" during the Nationals series. Magic and Kasten made a special note to acknowledge and praise him during the conference.

-Many former players and other persons of interest were in attendance, including Peter O'Malley, Tommy Lasorda, Tommy Davis, Don Newcombe, Maury Wills, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Bill Russell, Eric Karros, Steve Yeager, Kenny Lofton and many others.

-Rob Manfred, from the commissioners' office, relayed a message from Bud Selig, applauding the new owners on their venture and congratulating and thanking the fans for supporting the franchise through thick and thin. He pledged his support for the group and hopes they can rebuild the team to its former prominence.

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