Roundtable: What to do with Delmon

Ready to talk Tigers? Want to hear the opinion of the TigsTown staff? Welcome to the TigsTown Roundtable! This week's question: What do you think the Tigers should do with Delmon Young?

Paul Wezner, Executive Editor

Shortly after the issue came to light, I posted on Twitter that I felt if Young had been intoxicated, gotten into a skirmish with some others, that he should be suspended, evaluated, and ultimately return to the team with additional oversight and assistance. If however the accusations that we've all heard prove to be true, that he instigated an altercation and yelled out anti-Semitic slurs, the Tigers would be better off just cutting ties and moving on. Unlike Miguel Cabrera, who had a long-term deal with the team and is a part of the team's long term plans, the same can't be said about Delmon Young. While that's a bit of a double-standard, it's a reality that the Tigers don't need that sort of distraction on the team, and with the anger issues that he's now displayed on multiple occasions, the Tigers quite simply would be better off without him, even if that means eating the remainder of his $6.75 million salary.

Mark Anderson, Managing Editor

It is really easy to sit back and say the Tigers should cut bait or take a hard line with Young. It is really easy to do that from a chair outside the situation. That said, I don't believe that should be the path for the Tigers. While the Tigers have clauses in the contract to terminate Young as a result of the previous John Rocker incidents, it may not be practical or the best course of action for their business. Major League Baseball has executed their piece of the puzzle by suspending Young and there is still the potential for additional punishment for Young through the standard legal channels. Young made a horrible mistake and reaffirmed the fact -- after his bat throwing incident in the minor leagues -- that he's not really a nice guy. Baseball history is littered with bad guys. If the Tigers determine that his presence on the roster is imperative to their success this year, then he should be brought back with additional measures in place to help him manage his emotions/conduct. He should be monitored closely and have it made clear to him what's at stake if additional mistakes are made. Beyond that, get him on the field and hope his game picks up and he helps the Tigers win a World Series.

Chris Vannini, Senior Staff Writer

When the Tigers made the trade for Young last season, the hope was he could bring a bat that put the Tigers over the edge in the postseason. Although he was injured, he did what he could, hitting five home runs in nine games. This year, the Tigers were willing to finish out the contract, and Jim Leyland was even willing to keep Young out of a permanent DH role. But with Young's latest legal troubles, the Tigers are in a tough position. I haven't read anywhere that the Tigers can get out of Young's contract, so the decision to cut him would have to be approved by the head boss. Young's troubles are different than Cabrera's drinking troubles. If Cabrera stays clean, people will forgive him. There are some people who will never forgive Young for what he said, and it'd be hard to blame them. I'm not Jewish, but I've read many in the community are upset, as they should be. If Young does return to the lineup, Leyland and the organization are going to take a lot of heat. And this is way different than "Brandon Inge sucks" heat. My personal opinion is that the Tigers should cut Young loose. There are a good amount of internal options that can fill his role (and improve the defense). But I don't pay the bills. So it's a lot easier for me to say.

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