Dodger Draft Pick Q&A: Jake Hermsen

Get to know Jake Hermsen, the Dodgers' 28th round pick in the 2012 draft.

Jared Massey: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, Jake! First, tell us a little about yourself. Where you grew up, how you got into baseball.

Jake Hermsem: I was born in Appleton, WI and grew up in New London, WI. My parents names are Mike and Pam and I have 3 siblings, Jenny (Sauve), Luke, and Matt. I played football and basketball through high school but my dad introduced me to baseball when I was 5 and it has been my favorite sport since.

JM: If you could, give us a scouting report of yourself. What pitches you throw, your current height/weight.

JH: I am 6 feet tall and weigh 205 pounds. I throw 5 different pitches (4-seam, 2-seam, slider, curveball, and change-up).

JM: Do you consider yourself a power pitcher, a control pitcher or somewhere in between?

JH: I see myself as a power-pitcher because I look to attack hitters and don't like giving in. The best part about pitching is the constant mental battle between the pitcher and hitter.

JM: What past or current pitchers do you admire or pattern yourself after?

JH: I was always a fan of Randy Johnson growing up but have enjoyed watching Cliff Lee as of late. Lee is able to throw multiple pitches for strikes and always seems to be on the mound late into games with the lead.

JM: Now, getting into your career. Tell us about the experience of pitching at Northern Illinois.

JH: I didn't focus solely on pitching until my senior year at NIU and that's when I enjoyed playing the most. I was able to pitch against great competition every week and improve on my game. I met great people and established life-long friendships with my teammates.

JM: How have you evolved as a pitcher from the time you were in high school til now?

JH: In high school I was a fastball/curveball pitcher who just threw everything as hard as I could. Since then, I have added some pitches and have a better understanding of mixing pitches and having success late into games while giving my team the best chance to win.

JM: During your college career, you've spent time in the field and on the mound. Have those experiences complimented the other? Or, has hitting given you more insight to pitching and vice versa?

JH: Well unfortunately, I didn't have much success at the plate and didn't have constant playing time. Since I stopped playing the outfield, I was able to correct some mechanical flaws and improve on the mound. Also, by focusing all of my time on pitching I was able to achieve more success for myself and my team.

JM: What is your fondest memory at Northern Illinois?

JH: My fondest memory was pitching against Arizona State University early this spring at the Royals/Rangers Spring Training Facility in Surprise, Arizona. Although we lost in the 9th inning, I had a good game on the mound. Then I knew that I could compete at the highest level and it showed our team that we could compete with some of the better teams in the nation.

JM: If you decide to sign a pro contract, what will your short and long term goals be?

JH: Short term, I just want to get exposed to as much information about pitching that I can. I have a lot to learn and am excited to pitch for the Dodgers organization. Long term, I want to pitch for the big league club and help bring a World Series Championship to Los Angeles.

JM: Lastly, if Dodger fans had to know just one thing about you, what would it be?

JH: That I love God, my family, and baseball. James 1: 2-7 THINK BLUE

JM: Thanks for taking the time, Jake and good luck!