Dodgers Hot Stove Update - November 12

A look at the rumblings in the Dodgers' neck of the woods early in the offseason.

Let's take a look at the latest free agency news involving the Dodgers.

-The Dodgers have won the rights to negotiate with South Korean LHP Ryu Hyun-jin, bidding more than $25 million for the privilege. Ryu, 25, has been considered the top talent in Korea. The southpaw throws three pitches: a fastball that touches 95, a slider and a change. The team has thirty days from the time they won the posting to complete a deal with his agent, Scott Boras. If a deal can't be reached, his Korean team retains his rights.

-A bit of unpleasant yet unsurprising news surfaced and was resolved within the past few days. Apparently the Dodgers were flirting with the idea of adding free agent outfielder Torii Hunter. The club reportedly offered him a 2 year deal, but news broke tonight that the team would not acquire the veteran. I'm not sure what the point of acquiring him would have been.

-With the club's pitching situation seemingly resolved and readied for 2013, the focus can now turn to hitters. There aren't many holes in the lineup, though Kevin Youkilis' name has been mentioned as a potential target. The 33 year old is coming off a season that produced his lowest WAR total since he became a full time player in 2006. He hit 19 homers but batted just .235 thanks to a meager .268 BABIP. He'd be a nice upgrade over sentimental favorite Luis Cruz, though nothing more than a 1 year deal should be offered.

-The winter leagues are still ongoing, with Onelki Garcia making his debut in the AFL. He's pitched just 4 innings, allowing a run on 4 hits with a pair of walks and a pair of strikeouts. Yasiel Puig, recovering from a staph infection, has yet to debut in winter ball.