Dodgers Prospect Countdown: #20 Julio Urias

Taking a look at the Dodgers' #20 prospect, lefty Julio Urias.

Vital Info

Born in August of 1996 in Mexico. Signed August 23, 2012 for an undisclosed bonus. Listed at 6'.


None available.

Scouting Report

Not overly physical, Urias is listed at 6' and I would guess around 170 pounds. However, being 16, there could be some projection left in him.

His delivery is loose and easy, with a clean arm action. 3/4 release, medium stride, pushes off well. Quick arm.

His stuff is already good considering his age and should get better as he develops. Already touching 92 with his fastball, he sits in the high 80s and can cut it. His changeup is a future 6 or 7 pitch according to scouts, while his breaking ball is his third best offering right now. He commands his fastball well for his age and shows good feel for pitching.


Low. He's 16. He's the age of a high school sophomore. He's nowhere near major league ready and hasn't reached the injury barrier for pitching prospects. He was born with an eye condition though it's apparently been remedied.

The Future

Information about international signings are rarely released to the public if the team doesn't want to explicitly divulge them. I don't know his exact birth date or his signing bonus, though some have speculated that the figure paid to his Mexican League team was over $1.5 million. Since he was Mexican League property, only a portion of that would count against the Dodgers' spending cap. It's also believed that he was acquired as part of a package deal. Of all the significant international signings the Dodgers have made this past year, with the exceptions of Puig and Ryu, Urias is the crown jewel.

I generally don't rank young prospects this high, but the Dodgers haven't had an international prospect with this much upside since Rubby De La Rosa. I'm not saying he'll be the next Rubby, though the potential is there. However, it's probably at least 4-5 years away.

There are so many things that could go wrong between now and then that it's hard to rank him any higher. Injuries, lack of development, etc. loom. He could turn out to be the next Fernando or the next Chuck Tiffany. Regardless, it's going to be interesting watching him develop over the next several years.

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