Dodger Diamonds in the Rough - 3/19/13

Jose Dominguez conjures fire, Joc gets a knock but who can explain the magic bat in the fence?

So I arrive at the backfields for the minor league games and I'm greeted with this sight:

On the bottom left, you'll see the dugout. To the right is a chain-link fence. Near the top of the second column of fencing, there's a bat. A bat that should not be there. How did it get up there? The bat could not be reached for comment.

Anyway, I managed to find minor leaguers who were where they were supposed to be. They were stretching. Like this:

On the Triple A side, Luis Cruz was practicing "force grabbing" his glove:

Almost got it, Luis! Keep practicing!

More stretching:

Chris Jacobs' thigh is 1.3 Altuves.

Zach Lee wasn't pitching so he had to chart pitches:

Matt Magill wasn't pitching but he did not have to chart pitches. He was happy about this:

He may not be happy when he's pitching in Albuquerque in a few weeks. Hopefully the humidor works.

Scott Schebler said,"I could hit a homer with my eyes closed!":

He did hit a home run today, though I'm not sure if his eyes were closed. He's worth following this year. Could be a breakout prospect.

Meanwhile, Angelo Songco was doing his Ichiro impression:

Let's hope he plays like him too!

Joc Pederson and Blake Smith prepared for their Synchronized Pairs competition:

Darnell Sweeney made an appearance:

First time I saw him on video playing for the Loons, I thought they were showing Dee Gordon highlights. Less speed, but more plate discipline. Definitely worth following in 2013.

Juan Noriega is tiny:

But he's still about 1.05 Altuves. Threw around 90 with his fastball, about 80 with his slider and around 70 with his curve. Quality pen arm.

Lastly, the piece de resistance:

This is Jose Dominguez. He throws smoke. I already knew this, but what I saw today was rare.

Last spring I saw him throw 97 with an unfair curve. He had success with Great Lakes coming out of the pen, even in 2 inning stints, but struggled when they tried to stretch him.

Now, strictly a reliever, Dominguez has one of the most electric arms in the system. When other prospects realized he was pitching, they all crowded around the bleachers to hear the radar gun readings. First pitch: 99. Second pitch: 99. Third pitching: 97. This is something I haven't seen before: appointment viewing at the ballpark. Other players in awe of his ability.

Jose got himself into a bit of a jam during the offseason, incurring a 25 game suspension. Hitters can rest easy for a month. Because, when he gets on the field, they're going to wish they weren't.