Lookouts' Comeback Falls Short

Despite three runs in the last two innings, Chattanooga is unable to come back against Huntsville in the second game of the series.

It seemed all but rapped up for the Stars Saturday night when they were leading the Lookouts 5-1 in the seventh inning, until pinch hitter C.J. Retherford smacked the ball down third base line picking up two runs for Chattanooga.

"We have a lot of confidence in our hitters," Lookouts manager Jody Reed said. "We got a lot of guys, clearly we're confident about the guys in the lineup, but this team is really fortunate to have even the guys on the bench. They can come off and really contribute."

The Lookouts new prospect right fielder Yasiel Puig contributed in his last at bat when he crushed a 70mph breaking ball over the left field wall for his first homerun of the season.

"That was a one arm swing on a curveball and he hit it over everything," Reed said.

The Lookouts first run came in the first inning when Joc Pederson was batted in from second base by J.T. Wise's line drive to right field.

Chris Reed started as pitcher for the Lookouts. Reed made it to the top of the fifth inning before he was replaced by Hector Nelo.

"When he (Chris Reed) was in, the wind up, everything was in sync, he was hitting spots, he was really working his arm side fastball," Reed said about Chris's performance. "Clearly, he got into a situation when he got into the stretch, wasn't as comfortable, wasn't as synced up, but we talked about it. That's why we're here. We're here to learn. Take what we did out there, talk about it and build on it."

Although Chattanooga finally found their groove in the last two at bats, the Lookouts were put down every other inning with no more than four batters coming to the plate. In fact, in five of the first seven innings, Chattanooga was shut down with three consecutive outs.

"It's one inning," Reed said. "One inning has sunk us both days. We're snake bit a little right now. We got to learn how to stay away from that one inning, and things can be completely different. So you have to stay positive, and keep working."

"We're getting enough offense," Reed said. "Certainly we'd like to get some more, who wouldn't? But we've been in the ball games. We are just a little snake bit right now."

With only the first two games in the books, the series is still up in the air with three games left to play.

"We got a double header tomorrow, big day," Reed said. "We're looking to turn this thing around quick."