Lookouts Come Back a Day Later

Chattanooga rallies back after a rain delay and wins game against the Generals 5-4.

Due to rain Friday night the Lookouts had to postpone the end of their tied game against Jackson.

Chattanooga picked up the game Saturday afternoon before its regularly scheduled game.

The Lookouts ended the game quick on Saturday when C.J. Retherford hit a line drive to left field that brought in Brian Cavazos-Galvez, giving Chattanooga a 5-4 lead, which ultimately won them the game.

Retherford scored both the first run and the last run of the game for Chattanooga along with one additional run in the third inning. The first run was a line drive homerun over centerfield wall in the second inning. His second RBI was when he batted in Galvez in the third.

"C.J.'s swing is coming around," Manager Jody Reed said. "He struggled the first 10 to 12 games, probably the first 30 or 40 at bats. He went to the video room, saw what he was doing when he was successful last year, made some adjustments and he's been making real good contact probably the last 5 or 7 games and I figure that's going to continue."

Chattanooga wouldn't have been able to claim the victory if it hadn't been for Chris Reeds performance on the pitchers mound.

Reed stuck in the game until the top of the eighth inning. Aside from a homerun from Leon Landry of the Generals, which brought in three runs Reed only allowed one run in the fourth.

"I thought he threw a great ballgame," Reed said. "He got one slider up in the zone, Leon happened to knock it out of the ballpark, but outside that for me I thought it was the best pitched game he's had to date. A lot of good things happened."

Bobby Coyle also made his mark on the scoreboard when he was brought in just minutes after Retherfords homerun, along with Miguel Rojas who scored in the forth inning when he doubled and made his way around the bases to score.

With this win over the Generals the Lookouts advance to a 1-1 record in the series against Jackson.

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