Chattanooga Blown Out in Second Game of DH

Chattanooga falls behind in the series against the Generals, 1-2, when they lost Saturday night 13-1.

After winning the postponed game the Lookouts were looking to take control of the series Saturday night but were stopped dead in their tracks when the Generals scored five runs in the fourth inning.

"When you play the game long enough, nights like tonight, you just chalk it off and move forward," Reed said. "They happen. You're going to do it to people; people are going to do it to you. That's the way the game goes sometimes. You get through it, get it out of your head as quickly as possible, bounce back tomorrow."

The Generals were able to score runs on the Lookouts with at least one run in three innings and five runs in the fourth and the sixth inning.

"They were making good contact tonight and you know what you tip your hat," Reed said.

Chattanooga was only able to score one run against Jackson Saturday night, when C.J. Retherford hit a line drive single in the second inning, which brought in Brian Cavazos-Galvez.

The Lookouts seemed to have the toughest time with pitchers during the game, going through 4 pitching changes.

Andres Santiago started off the game for the Lookouts but only made it to the middle of the top of the fourth before Ryan Acosta replaced him.

Acosta pitched until the mid sixth inning when Eric Eadington replaced him.

Eadington stayed on the mound until the top of the eighth inning when Luis Vasquez replaced him.

Vasquez only pitched the top of the eighth to the top of the ninth when he was replayed by Greg Infante to finish out the game.

"I think we were getting the getting the ball up in the zone and more importantly they were taking advantage of it," Reed said.

The Lookouts still have two games left in the series to turn it around and win the home stand. It will be interesting how Chattanooga plays on Sunday for their day game.

"I'm looking forward to see how they respond tomorrow," Reed said. "We've got a day game. We have to come back after a tough night. Let's face it this isn't how we mapped it out but it is what it is. We've got to come back and be ready to play ball tomorrow. Day game 2:15 start. You better have your game face on."