Lookouts Drop Series Opener to Smokies

Chattanooga comes up one run short against the Tennessee Smokies to start off the series.

The Lookouts struggled early in the pitching game and the Smokeys took full advantage earning four runs in the second inning off of pitching prospect Zach Lee.

"I thought Zach struggled a little bit early with his command," Manager Jody Reed said. "They got him for four but then he settled down. Ended up pitching a pretty good game, but by then the damage had been done."

Trying to dig themselves out of the 4-1 hole in the second inning Chattanooga looked for a chance to swing the game in their favor and found hope when Chris Jacobs scored a two run homer over the left field wall.

"Pretty low energy to start," Reed said. "Seemed liked we picked it up when Jacobs hit that homerun, and we just couldn't complete that last run."

This two run homer only put the Lookouts behind by one. Yasiel Puig would make it all the way to third base before Chattanooga struck out at the plate ending the game 4-3.

Chattanooga's only other run during the game came from Joc Pederson when he was hit in by a double from Puig into the centerfield.

Mark Ellis, the second baseman from the LA Dodgers, joined the Lookouts on the field. Ellis only played three innings before being removed due to the field conditions, going 0-1 in the batters box when he grounded out.

The Lookouts will be looking to change their luck against the Smokies during the rest of the series. Chattanooga will have to fight back from a one game deficit to try and take three out of five games.