Chattanooga Splits Doubheleader

Chattanooga splits double-header against Smokies, losing the first game 9-2 and winning the second game 1-0.

After losing the first game of the night against the Smokies, the Lookouts were adamant about winning the second game, and did just that when Blake Smith scored the winning run on a walk off wild pitch.

Smith was put into position to score from third after he hit a double to center field, and then advanced on a wild pitch.

Rob Rasmussen took the lead on the mound against Tennessee during the second game. Rasmussen pitched for five innings, giving up four hits that didn't score, and striking out five batters.

"Rasmussen did outstanding" Manager Jody Reed said. "Outstanding ballgame. He's been consistent now for about four or five starts. The kid is looking really good. He had a heck of a day."

Although the Lookouts took the victory in the second game Chattanooga wasn't so fortunate in the first dropping a 9-2 loss to the Smokies.

Everything was running smoothly in the first game for the Lookouts until the fourth inning when the Smokies went on a seven run streak. Chattanooga tried to switch things up on the mound to confuse Tennessee but there was no stopping the Smokies.

"Santiago was doing fine," Reed said. "He let some game situations affect him mentally and he lost his concentration and focus, and the inning snowballed on him and he ended up giving up a big number. We'll work on making sure we stay focused, stay engaged, and needing to do your job and not let things you can't control take you out of your game."

Chattanooga was able to score twice in the first game.

Yasiel Puig was able to hit a ground ball out to left field giving Rafael Ynoa time to make it home for the Lookouts first point of the game. Unfortunately Puig was gunned down at second trying to make it a double instead of a single.

"As a baseball player that's your call," Reed said. "You're out there doing it, it's your decision to make. He was just trying to be aggressive, and you know what I don't ever think we have had a problem with a player being aggressive. Ever."

The Lookouts were able to squeeze one last run out during the first game when Miguel Rojas doubled to left field and gave Smith the opportunity to score.

With this win and loss night for the Lookouts, Chattanooga falls in the series to the Smokies with an already 3-1 score.

Chattanooga will try its luck one last time against the Smokies on AT&T Field before their off day on Wednesday.