Chattanooga Drops Second Straight to Braves

Chattanooga lose yet another game to the Mississippi Braves Monday night 5-3.

After losing the first game to the Braves the Lookouts were hoping to win the second game to tie up the series but weren't able to hold down Mississippi from a grand slam in the second inning.

The Lookouts fought back fast when the Chattanooga offense moved both Osvaldo Martinez and Joc Pederson through the bases to score two runs.

Chattanooga's Kyle Cofield put the Lookouts even closer in the fifth inning when he hit a single run homer over left field center wall to put the game at 4-3.

Mississippi put the game away when they scored one last run against the Lookouts in the sixth inning.

Chattanooga faced recovering major leaguer Brandon Beachy from the Braves in the first five innings. Beachy allowed the Lookouts three earned runs, six hits, one walk, and struck out four of the Lookouts with his time on the mound.

Onelki Garcia started off the Lookouts pitching but only stayed in for 2 innings. With his time on the mound Garcia allowed for six hits, one walk and four strikeouts, and allowed for four runs, which was a four run homer.

Chattanooga divided the rest of it's time on the mound between Cofield, Chris Reed, Greg Infante, and Michael Thomas.