Chattanooga Ends Series with Win

Chattanooga takes the last game of the series against the Mississippi Braves with a 13-8 Thursday night to win the series.

After losing the first two games of the series against the Braves the Lookouts buckled down and won the last three games to take the series right out from under Mississippi.

The road to victory started out a little bumpy dropping three runs in the first inning to the Braves but the Lookouts fired back right away and tying the Mississippi with two runs in the first inning and a home run by Jan Vazquez over the right field wall.

Mississippi took the lead again against Chattanooga in the fourth inning when they scored two back-to-back runs, but the Lookouts fired right back in the fifth when they scored four runs putting Chattanooga ahead 7-5.

Chattanooga stuck with the lead the rest of the night scoring another two runs in the seventh inning and four more runs in the eighth.

The Lookouts Ross Stripling started the game off for Chattanooga on the mound. Stripling spent four innings on the mound and gave up seven hits. Five resulted in runs. He also struck out three batters and walked two.

The winning pitcher for the night was Steve Smith who took the mound in the fifth inning. Smith pitched for three innings and allowed for no hits or runs and struck out one batter.

The last two innings were split between Hector Nelo, and Greg Infante. Infante allowed for four hits. Three resulted in runs in the ninth inning, and one walk.

Chattanooga will now leave AT&T Field for two series where they will travel to Jackson to play the Generals, and to Huntsville to play the Stars.

Chattanooga defeated the Generals during their time at AT&T Field but weren't able to defeat the Stars.