Meet a Dodger Draftee: Brandon Dixon

DodgerDiamond takes some time to get to new Dodgers' third round draft pick Brandon Dixon.

The Dodgers used their third round draft pick in 2013 on Arizona third baseman Brandon Dixon. Brandon agreed to talk to DodgerDiamond, as the SoCal native gets ready for professional baseball.

Jared Massey: Thanks for taking the time. First, tell Dodger fans about yourself. Where you grew up, how you got into baseball.

Brandon Dixon: I grew up in Escondido, playing just about every sport at a young age, and it wasn't until I moved to Murrieta that I decided to focus on basketball and baseball. From there, once I was in high school, I knew that my passion was baseball and decided to put all of my time solely into baseball.

JM: Coming from southern California, I know you were closer to the Angels but you had to grow up a Dodger fan, right?!

BD: I actually grew up mostly being a Padre fan, if you can believe that. I grew up with a good friend who had season tickets to the Padres, so those were my first experiences as a kid going to MLB games. But I was never a diehard fan for them, so it has definitely faded over the years. I'm completely a Dodger fan now, though.

JM: Do you have a favorite player, or someone who you model your game after?

BD: Growing up, I always looked up to Derek Jeter the most, just for his hard work and the way he carries himself on and off of the field.

JM: If you could, give us a scouting report on yourself.

BD: I am a player who kind of has a little bit of everything in my game. I think this year I used all of my tools including power and speed, which is not a normal combination.

JM: What type of player are you? Power hitter? Speedster? On base machine?

BD: Growing up, I was always more of a contact and speed player, but over the years I have grown and gotten stronger so the power is coming along also.

JM: Now let's talk a little about your college days. Describe your experience playing at Arizona and how your game developed.

BD: My game developed tremendously under coach Andy Lopez. Going in as a freshman, I was a raw player but an athlete, and needed a lot of work. The coaching staff worked very hard with me and I saw myself turn into a player I wanted to be and have kept making strides since.

JM: I'd ask what your most exciting moment was, but I'm pretty sure I already know. Can you explain what it was like to collect the eventual game-winning hit in the College World Series title game?

BD: There really are no words to describe that moment in my life. It was a feeling of such pure joy, because all year I had struggled to play up to what I expected out of myself, and I got one last chance to help the team and being able to come through was an amazing feeling.

JM: You had Lasik eye surgery prior to your junior season. That obviously had to help your play. What other adjustments, physical/mental/mechanical, have you made over the past few years?

BD: Besides the Lasik, I really worked on my approach at the plate, just being able to focus on swinging at my pitch and not chasing other pitches. That was the main adjustment in my game.

JM: What would you say is your greatest strength as a player? What's something you're working on?

BD: One of my greatest strengths would be my versatility. I can play just about anywhere on the field, and I have a skillset that can drive the ball and drive runners in, but I can also steal bases or put a bunt down for the team.

JM: Lastly, what goals have you set for yourself, in the near future and moving forward?

BD: For the most part, I am just very excited to get started in my professional career. But I'm definitely looking for continued success and hoping to move up through the system as quick as possible.

JM: Thank you for your time and good luck!

BD: Thank you.

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