Lee, Lookouts Snap Losing Streak

Chattanooga wins fourth game of the series against the Jackson Generals 5-2.

With a five game losing streak on their backs the Lookouts pulled out the victory for the first time this series.

It took until the third inning for Chattanooga to get rolling, but when they did the crowd roared.

Jan Vazquez broke the ice in the third inning when he hit a two run homer over center field, bringing in Angelo Songco who had just previously been walked.

The hits just kept coming after that when Joc Pederson followed up Vazquez's homer with a homer of his own over the right field wall.

Chattanooga's defense held the Generals back for the first time this series and allowed for only two runs.

The Lookouts took advantage of Jackson's defense twice more tonight when J.T. Wise brought in Rafael Ynoa in the sixth, and when Joc Pederson hit a line drive to right field and brought in Jon Garcia.

Chattanooga's mound game improved tonight when, winning pitcher, Zach Lee started off the game. Lee pitched for six innings allowed five hits, one run, and four strikeouts.

Chattanooga has one last game against the Generals at home before going back on the road.