Welcome to Our New Look!

Welcome to our refreshed look at DodgerDiamond.com and Scout!

Over the past few months, we've been working hard to come up with a new look for all of the sites on the Scout network. We think you'll find our new look is cleaner and easier to navigate while also allowing more of our outstanding content to be visible on the "front page" of our site.

This is just the second of a number of upgrades and refreshers to our site -- all of which will make your experience more enjoyable. We've already made improvements to our mobile experience. Our photos are better and brighter. We've invested a lot of money in new infrastructure, both at Scout and in our equipment. It's all designed to make your visits to DodgerDiamond.com better than ever.

In the coming months, more improvements and upgrades will be rolled out, including changes to player profiles, databases and message boards, which will allow you more ways to interact with us and your fellow Dodger fans than ever before.

These updates are just part of the growth of Scout, which is your ultimate source for sports, outdoor adventures, and all-American pursuits. From college football to hunting to fishing to trying out the latest hot gadgets -— it's everything you would rather be doing than work.

Over the years Scout has built an unrivaled Army of reporters and editors who live and breathe what they report. We literally have boots on the ground on the most pristine fishing spots in America. We have beat reporters at every college campus that matters. We have bow hunters taking aim in Georgia. We have guys chomping $8 hotdogs while filing stories from every MLB stadium. We have history professors at the country's most prestigious universities. We have world-class carpenters dispensing wood-working secrets, and even Navy SEALs giving stress tests to outdoor gear. In short, Scout's legions of experts are everywhere, and they love nothing more than to share what they've seen and learned from the front lines.

That's complemented by our work here at DodgerDiamond.com, where you get the WHOLE story -- not just parts of it -- on the LA Dodgers site. From game coverage to recruiting, analysis and more, no one covers the Dodgers like DodgerDiamond.com!

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We're confident you will enjoy our ever-improving coverage. Along with our new, modern look, it's an unbeatable combination!

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