The Dodger's Unsung Hero of 2014

Coming off a 2 HR performance, it is necessary to address the Dodger’s unsung hero of 2014, Justin Turner. In the baseball industry, there is a never-ending quest for teams to find value in the most unlikely of players. Dodger’s infielder Justin Turner has taken his career from being a backup for David Wright on the Mets, to becoming an integral role player in the Dodger’s spectacular season.

The scouting report on Justin Turner left little to be desire for MLB teams; an undersized corner infielder with lackluster offensive numbers. When the Dodger’s signed Turner to a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring training, little did they know that he would become a vital pillar to their team.

This season, the Dodger’s infield has been plagued by injuries to Juan Uribe and Hanley Ramirez, as well as an inability to hit left-handed pitching. Justin Turner has provided an anchor of stability in those areas, starting 38 games at 3B, and 21 games between 1B, 2B, and SS and hitting an impressive .315/.379/.511 off LHP.

Going into free agency this offseason, it will be very interesting to see what happens to Turner. His numbers this year suggest he is capable of starting for a majority of teams in the league, however he only has experience has a utility man and back up. With a log jam of infielders young and old, the Dodger’s are unlikely to provide Turner with an opportunity to start, however a return as the utility man would go a long ways in building a championship team in 2015.