Dodgers Infield 2015 scouting report and 2016 production predictions.

2015 Dodgers Infield scouting report and 2016 production predictions. Total Base Production Scores

2015 Dodgers Infield Offense Scouting Breakdown.

            * Based on potential 2016 infield lineup *

Collective average predicted run production per game:   6.68

           * based on average of 4 AB per game *

New TBP ( Total Base Production) Algorithm Scale:

.35= Average Production ( Steven Vogt, Russell Martin)

.40= Solid Everday Production ( Andre Ethier, A.J. Polluck)

.45= Above Average / All Star ( Bryce Harper, Adrian Gonzalez)

.50= Top Tier / All Star ( Mike Trout)

NAME: Adrian Gonzalez

AGE: 33

Position: 1B

Height: 6-2

Weight: 220

Throws: L

Bats: L

G: 156

AB: 571

H: 157

2B: 33

3B: 0

HR: 28

BB: 72

SO: 107

SB: 0

TB: 274

TBP:   .44


Adrian is a stabilized force who produces good power numbers. He isnt a big baserunner so his power production is gonna be more evident in advancing other baserunners through long outs. His total base production is already above average but is undervalued due to his ability to advance other baserunners.

NAME: Howie Kendrick

AGE: 32

Position: 2B

Height: 5-11

Weight: 220

Throws: R

Bats: R

G: 117

AB: 464

H: 137

2B: 22

3B: 2

HR: 9

BB: 28

SO: 82

SB: 6

TB: 190

TBP:   .32


Seems to watch the ball deeper than many hitters. He has decent speed with his hands but seems to primarily only hit what is in his ideal zone. The problem being that his plate patience with BB/SO doesnt make up the difference in his total base productivety. What seems to be his plus tool right now is his defense and ability to track balls.

NAME: Corey Seager

AGE: 21

Position: SS

Height: 6-4

Weight: 215

Throws: R

Bats: L

G: 27

AB: 98

H: 33

2B: 8

3B: 1

HR: 4

BB: 15

SO: 19

SB: 2

TB: 55

TBP:  .55


He was estimated to hit the BIGS in 2015 and he did, and he made an instant impact. He got the ball, got on base and his BB/SO ratio showed his patience at plate. His 98 PA was a small sample size and it will be nice to see what he can produce with 400+ big league AB's. I like his swing because he has a good balance point of head over hips, driving ball.

NAME: Justin Turner

AGE: 30

Position: 3B

Height: 5-11

Weight: 205

Throws: R

Bats: R

G: 126

AB: 385

H: 113

2B: 26

3B: 1

HR: 16

BB: 37

SO: 71

SB: 5

TB: 189

TBP:  .36



A swing designed for power, high kick and a long stride. Decent swing path attack to ball. However, did't translate to Big power numbers and an off balance second half of swing creates a time delay in getting out of the box. A  2:1 SO/BB ration showed a slight patience issue at the plate. Justin no doubt has the tools and produced above average productivety in 2015 and only shows to improve in 2016.