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How Productive is Brandon McCarthy

How Productive is Brandon McCarthy

Southern California boy Brandon McCarthy was originally a 17th round pick by the White Sox. In recent years, Brandon has been a public supporter of using data analysis of expanded statistics to help his game. Here is a few key analyzed and documented points about Brandons end of season performance in 2015.

In 2015 Brandon had 3 wins and 0 losses with 29 strike outs in 23 innings and a 1.22 WHIP.

  • Pitches

Threw fastballs 92-95mph (17% of all pitches), cutter 89-92 (14%), sinker 92-95 (47%), curveball 80-83 (22%), curveball 80-83 (22%).

367 total pitches (66% in the strike zone). Threw 84 of 135 first pitches for strikes (62%).

  • Insights

Threw pitches inside the strikezone 67% compared to the 59% MLB average.

Rarely attempted pickoffs.

Threw fastballs outside to RHH.

His fastballs were on the faster side at 93.4.

Deceptive fastballs had 26% of swings miss (10% is avg).

Threw curves inside to LHH.

His curves were one of the fastest of all pitchers at 81.2.

Threw sinkers high to LHH.

His sinkers were one of the fastest of all pitchers at 93.4.

Average control of sinkers.

His cutter was one of the fastest at 90.9.

Average control of cutter.

  • Strengths

Great control of fastballs.

Great control of curve.

Deceptive sinkers had 25% of swings miss (10% is avg).

Kept first-pitch down 56% of the time (25% was avg).

  • Weaknesses

Allowed line-drives often.

Made mistakes often with his curve - 22 of 79 thrown (28% ; 16% is avg)-- and when he did batters did not take advantage hitting only 5% (7% is avg).

  • Patterns

Liked to mix in cutters often - 14%. Threw first-pitch curveballs much more often than most pitchers at 21%. Threw first-pitch sinker more often than most pitchers at 48%. Rarely attempted consecutive pickoff moves (0% vs 10% avg in 7 attempted). Threw strikes on 0-2 counts, throwing balls out of the zone only 36% of the time (62% is avg). 1-0 threw curves to LHH 41% (7% is avg). 1-1 threw curves to LHH 47% (13% is avg).

data: MLB Advanced Media/Ariball