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JP Howell Scouting Report

JP Howell Scouting Report

 At 32, J.P Howell is ready for another year in Dodger Blue. He had a solid 2015 with a 1.38 WHIP 1.43 ERA. 44 IP in 65 appearances with 39 Ks. Let's look at some extended insight data.

sinker 86-88 (57%),

Threw pitches inside the strikezone only 51% compared to the 59% MLB average.

data: MLB Advanced Media/Ariball

He mixed up his fastballs velocity broadly, usually by 7 mph. (89-96mph)

Got little spin on fastballs (26% below MLB avg).

Deceptive changeup had 44% of swings miss (27% is avg).

Deceptive sinkers had 13% of swings miss (10% is avg).

Poor control of changeup.

Threw first-pitch up often 42% of the time (28% was avg).

threw first-pitch sinker more often than most pitchers at 83%.

Nibbled on 0-2 counts, throwing balls out of the zone 88% of the time (62% is avg). 

Rarely threw inside after outside 7% of the time (16% is avg).

Consider stealing on 1-2 - he threw 37% of 16 pitches in potential SB opportunities in the dirt.

From the stretch, located changeups 7" more to the catchers left. From the stretch, located changeups 4" down.