Austin Barnes: 2016 Spring Training Report

Austin Barnes: 2016 Spring Training Report

Today I had a ton of fun watching Austin Barnes play in the Cactus League. He was having fun and looked like a kid who was playing with his friends. It didn't hurt that he hit one out!

Let's look at Austin's productivity in 2015 in hopes of what we can expect in 2016!


  • Pitchers mixed in split-fingered FB - 8%.
  • Stood low for a low strikezone.
  • Swung often at pitches below the knees and inside half - 46% of 13 pitches there (26% is avg).
  • Did not swing often at pitches away beyond the strike zone - only swung at 3% of 29 pitches there (19% is avg).
  • Got thrown first-pitch strikes often (72%).
  • Ran the count deep - 4.32 pitchers per PA (3.8 is avg).
  • Pitchers threw fastballs low.
  • Put fastballs into play infrequently 13% of the time (19% is avg).
  • Pitchers kept sliders low.
  • Pitchers kept splitters low.


  • Walked frequently - 16% of PA (9% is avg).
  • Low K/BB ratio of 0.99 (2.66 is avg).
  • Hit line-drives well above average frequency - 37% of balls in play (20% is avg).


  • Hole down/left in the zone - he got NO hits off his 12 swings there.
  • Got behind in the count often - 75.8% (50% is avg).
  • May need to be more patient, since he worked into a hitter's count only 10.3% of the time (20% is avg).

data info courtesy of: ariballdata

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