SCOUTING 101: The Mental Game

SCOUTING 101: The Mental Game- Separates the Minors from the Majors.

I have heard it said that many players at the AA Minor League level have the physical tools to play in the Big Leagues, however they lack the mental tools, toughness and focus to truly compete and contribute at the Big League level.  When I train High School and Collegiate players, we always focus on mental preparation, baseball IQ and injury prevention.  All of these are rooted in a strong mental game approach.  

My friend Alan Jaeger, founder of Jbands said it perfectly. Focus on the process not the result.  the results you want will happen when you have a process that is designed for success.  You have to take it one pitch at a time, looking at each pitch as a new and fresh opportunity no matter the situation or count.

How important do you think your mental approach is to your baseball performance? If you are a high-level player, you know it is very, very important. You would probably agree that it is critical to your projectable productivety and sustainable success.  

Alan Jaeger VIDEO talking about Baseball Mental Game

1. Learn To Control Your Focus: The most important part of the mental game is attentional control. Where you place your focus, in what way, and for how long is key. You need to learn how to choose the appropriate attentional cues so you keep your mind tuned in, not out. The mental game of baseball helps you know what these cues are.

2. Keep Your Mind In The Here And Now: Good baseball is played one pitch at a time. Do that and your mind stays in the moment, the now. One way to facilitate that is to have breath focus. The mental game of baseball helps you learn how to find your breath, track it, and allow it to center and focus you.

3. Stay Poised And Patient: You want to play aggressive baseball, but you also need to remain self-aware, and tuned in to what is happening around you. This is vital to being a plugged in player who makes things happen. The mental game of baseball helps you develop this fine-tuned personal awareness. 

4. Develop Confidence And Self-Belief: If you don't believe in yourself, who will? Everyone around you can tell you how good you are, but if you discount this encouragement, it will never enter your head and heart. The mental game of baseball helps you build an inside-out foundation of self-approval so your confidence flows. 

5. Use Mental Rehearsal: Get a competitive advantage with your mind by playing the game in advance, using visualization. Go to the movies in your mind and mentally rehearse what you will be doing in competition. You can plan for contingencies, problems, or map out your strategy and see yourself winning before you actually do it. The mental game of baseball helps you use your imagination to great effect.

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