Agon is good for baseball

Why agon is great for baseball.

So I was sitting on the couch watching the closing ceremonies for the olympics,  watching the stories of athletes and their journeys. Who they are and how they have represented their countries in character and actions both on and off the field. Then I thought about the Dodgers and who is our ambassador.  Adrian Gonzales or Agon as he is affectionately know in baseball, is great for the sport. He is a highly productive baseball player on the field and an amazing member of society off the field.  He is incredibly consistent as far as productively, creating total bases and a high OBP, as well as being the obvious team leader, a clubhouse chemistry guy. His heart for the game is for people, meaning fans and his teammates.  He understands that people and relationships are what matters not money or fame. Agon always gives you 100% on the field and leads by example.  He is respected by his teammates and beloved by his wife kids and family.  Bottom line is that Agon is a class act and great for the Dodgers and great for baseball... Google him and see what you find out, he just might become your new favorite player..

Report generated Tuesday, August 23, 2016

  • Hit line-drives often.
  • Hole above the zone - he got hits only 4.00% of the time off his 22 swings there.
    2016 Stats 441 57 132 15 70 0 .299 .369 .827
    MLB Career Stats 6612 956 1924 305 1126 6 .291 .363 .858

YearTeamLGPAHIPAvg Launch Speed (mph)Avg Distance (feet)Avg Gen Velocity (mph)Avg Launch Angle (deg)Avg Height (feet)
2016 Dodgers NL 496 109 89.13 218.08 -0.25 6.45 30.01
MLB Avg - - - - 89.22 214.66 3.52 11.36 37.06

 ..... data courtesy of ariball/mlbadvancedmedia jason rutherford