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Reviewing Los Angeles Dodgers' AA Prospects

We look at the Dodgers' Tulsa Prospects with the help of Barry Lewis of the Tulsa World Media Company.

Tulsa was a crucial link in the Dodgers’ organizational chain this year. Both the franchise’s Minor League Pitcher (Brock Stewart) and Player (Cody Bellinger) of the year spent time as Drillers. With their season now at a close, it makes sense to look at some of the prospects who spent time in Tulsa this year, and after spending the season focusing mainly on stats, we are going to go combine the numbers with the perspective of Barry Lewis, who covered the Drillers for the Tulsa World Media Company.

We’ve split these profiles into infielder/outfielders, pitchers, and catchers. We start with infielders and outfielders of interest.


Cody Bellinger-1B/OF


At Tulsa:

465 PA


23 HR

142 wRC+

12.7 BB%

20.2 K%

.287 BABIP

0.49 GO/AO


Lewis:  “Best defensive skills by a Tulsa first baseman in more than a decade and was solid in the outfield. At the plate, has consciously sacrificed average for power, but there is no reason to believe he can’t mature into a .300 hitter as he continues to cut down on his strikeouts. Injuries derailed his first month-and-a-half before hitting his stride in August. A concern was subpar production with men in scoring position.”


Alex Verdugo-CF


529 PA


13 HR

113 wRC+

8.3 BB%

12.7 K%

.292 BABIP

GO/AO 1.18


Lewis:  “A solid year offensively but tired out in the final month. Has a tendency to be too aggressive at the plate, swings at too many first pitches. Needs to improve his baserunning, as well as his outfield reads and jumps. Seems to fit better as a corner outfielder instead of in center.”


Willie Calhoun-2B


560 PA


27 HR

123 wRC+

8 BB%

11.6 K%

.242 BABIP

GO/AO 0.94


Lewis:  “Also seemed to tire out in the final few weeks in his first full pro season. His power was streaky. His home ballpark suited his swing. Half of his 14 home homers would have been doubles in most ballparks. Real impressive power numbers, but needs a lot of work on his defense, although he showed some improvement, and a lot of work on his intangibles. Also seems to be too aggressive, swinging at too many first pitches. For the league RBI leader, not very good coming up with two-out hits with runners in scoring position. Needs to work on going to the opposite field as he was often frustrated by defensive shifts.”


Kyle Garlick


319 PA


8 HR

wRC+ 132

5.6 BB%

26 K%

.368 BABIP

GO/AO  1.22


Lewis: “Although he needs to draw more walks and cut down on his strikeouts, in some ways he seemed to be the most mature of the hitting prospects you asked about when it came to situational hitting. Has good power, but didn’t overswing with runners in scoring position. Solid defensively.”


The major number that concerns me here is that BABIP.  That, in conjunction with his grounder rate, makes me curious to see if he can maintain his power numbers and overall offensive profile at AAA next season.


Next Up:  Catchers