Willie Calhoun Dodgers No.4 Prospect

Willie Calhoun Dodgers No.4 Prospect

Willie Calhoun

Willie Calhoun is the number 4 prospect currently at 2 nd base. I say

currently because he is projected to be in the big leagues in 2018 but it may be as

an outfielder. His quickness, hands and arm grade below average at the major

league level at his position. Although he can work hard and get quicker and arm

strength. His project batting average is .280 with 20 or more homers. He showed

a lot of power hitting 31 home runs at Yavapai junior college. He was the second

in the league with home runs with 27 at the double A level. Also he has a strikeout

rate of 1 every 8.6 plate appearances, giving him a rare power with contact

ability. With chase Utley and the acquisition of Logan Forsythe it looks like

Calhoun will have this year in the minors to gain some experience.

scout jason rutherford

contributor warren Mathews