Kenley Jansen in WBC

Kenley Jansen in WBC

Kenley Jansen

Jansen is currently the closer for the Dodgers. He is and has been one of the

best for some time. He is currently playing for the Netherlands in the World

Baseball Classic. He originally skipped the invite but since the Netherlands have

made it to the semi-finals he will be joining them there. He has recently stated

that spring training wasn’t intense enough for him, this spring he has an 8.10 Era

in four games. This is not unusual for closers as they crave the game on the line

pressure. Kenley is hoping to get his intensity back by appearing with his home

country. His closer role is assured so keeping the focus has been difficult. Being in

the final four should pick it up big time. He has been one of the best closers in the

league with a career record of 19-13 with a 2.2 ERA and 189 saves since coming

up in 2010. The Dodgers need him for a championship run in 2017.

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