Maeda in WBC

Maeda in WBC

Kenta Maeda

Maeda is scheduled to be the third starter in the rotation this season. After

coming over from Japan of the Nippon baseball league playing for the Hiroshima

Toyo Carp Kenta was 16-11 with a 3.48 era in his first year with the Dodgers. He

passed up a chance to play in the World Baseball Classic to work on things to get

ready for the season. In the off season Maeda gained 10 pounds of muscle and

developed a cut fastball. This was to help with a second half slump he went

through last year, primarily due to our seasons are longer than Japans. Also

Maeda’s numbers were better with longer rest and started to slide as the season

wore on. As of now Maeda this spring is sporting a 3.75 ERA, and is happy at his

progress. The 28 year old right hander is in the 2 nd year of an 8 year contract and

should be a great starter for the team for the foreseeable future.

CBS Sports baseball scout analyst jason rutherford

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