Seagers Birthday Homer

Seager Birthday Homer

It took the Dodgers 10 innings today to get the win off San Francisco 5-1. This was a good birthday present

for Corey Seager who celebrated his 23 rd birthday with his 5 th home run. Seager is currently hitting .318 which is no

surprise because he’s hit over .300 for most of his professional career in minors and majors. Everywhere he has

been Seager has been voted best hitter by batting average. He has the ability to add power to the average to

become very dangerous at the plate.

In his young career he has already won the rookie of the year, and with his pop he could be an MVP

candidate as well. He has the rare ability to hit for average and power. I believe he has a chance to win a triple

crown one day. He has a swing that is long thru the hitting zone with an exit velocity of just over 91 mph. The new

buzz around the stat world is launch angle (this describes how the ball comes off the bat, 10-25 degrees is a line

drive), and Corey’s is 9.7 degrees, with an average height of 34 feet. The league average is 12.71 with a height of

41. For comparison Miguel Cabrera’s launch angle is 19.55 degrees with a height of 49. But Seager is young and has

a great career ahead of him.

CBS Sports baseball scout Jason Rutherford

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