Maeda Cutter Proves Successful

Maeda Cutter Proves Successful

Kenta Maeda had his best outing of the year beating the Phillies 5-3. He threw 7 innings giving up 2 runs

on 5 hits. It looks like his cut fastball is yielding dividends. He is in the beginning of A 8 year contract and may have

been feeling the pressure of that. The key component for any pitcher at any level is confidence and up to this point

Maeda hasn’t shown much in his first 3 games. The cut fastball for those who don’t know is a cross between a

slider and a fastball. This was the favorite pitch of former Yankee great closer Mariano Rivera. It gives more

movement to a fastball. With his newfound confidence in this new pitch Maeda may return to the form he had last


A fairly new stat I have noticed is the hold. This has been developed for relievers who come into a game

in a save situation (a three run lead or less), throw an inning, or pitch three effective innings in relief and can’t be

the winning pitcher, but most importantly hold on to lead. This gives fans a way to rate the middle relievers who

haven’t gotten just due and who may actually come in and stop a rally as opposed to getting the last three outs.

For the Dodgers Lefthander Luis Avilan has 5 holds so far this year.

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