Back 2 Back 2 Back + 2 more

Back 2 Back 2 Back + 2 more ...

There isn't much to say when   a potentially average night turns out extraordinary... Bottom line is that last night, early on Andrew Toles hit a Jack, then Bellinger hit his first big league Jack, then later in the game Puig, Bellinger and Turner hit back to back to back Jacks.  Turner's first of the season.  Then the momentum kept on and AGON did what he does, and leads his team to victory with a walk off single.  A truly magical night.

Just a few weeks Ago at Dodger stadium I watched the fans almost boo Puig all the way back to Cuba, and they booed louder for Puig than any opposing player.  But last night there were cheers.  I'm not sure why Dodger fans are so fickle and unsure how they feel but last night was magical and everyone was on the exact same page of how they felt.

My favorite part was the looks of childhood excitement on the faces of Kershaw and Roberts in the dugout, two great ambassadors of the sports we love.

CBS Sports baseball scout Jason Rutherford