Dodgers come from behind

Dodgers come from behind

The Dodgers had a major come from behind win in the ninth inning of today’s game with a back to back to

back home runs, leading to a 6-5 win over the Phillies. This one of a few blown leads in the ninth around the league

tonight. Most notably the Diamondbacks lost to the Rockies giving up 3 runs to blow a save opportunity and a

chance to jump back into first place. This brings up how important the closers role is on a major league team as

well as the set up or 8 th inning guy. This brings up how important Kenley Jansen is to the future success of the


Kenley right now is ninth in active pitchers in saves with 195. So far this year he has 6. During his career he

is averaging 32 saves with 68 innings with 17 earned runs with an ERA of 2.2. The key is he averages 68 games a

year which is roughly over a third of the games they play. His WAR (wins above replacement) is 2.2. To explain how

it’s calculated would take up a few pages, but the simple answer is how much better Kenley is than the person who

would replace him. Right now for the Dodgers to be a championship team Jansen has to stay as good and be lights

out as he has been over his career.

CBS Sports baseball scout Jason Rutherford