Dodgers get HAMMERED

Dodgers get HAMMERED

The Dodgers spotted the Rockies 10 runs before they decided to start playing tonight, the lead

was just a little too much to overcome as the Dodgers fell to the Rockies 10-7. Ryu gave up 10 runs 5 of

which were earned with 6 walks and 8 hits. The Dodgers didn’t wake up till about the 5 th inning scoring 7

runs in the next 4 innings. The Dodgers have a lot of young players on the team, but there always needs

to be a veteran who can teach the young players the way to be a big leaguer. It’s happened since the

beginning of Baseball itself, for example a young Mickey Mantle was mentored by Joe DiMaggio who

was mentored by Lou Gehrig and so on. The Dodgers have Chase Utley, who for most of his 14 year

career was a star for the Phillies.

The 2 nd baseman holds a lifetime batting Average of .277 with 1785 hits and 250 home runs.

Looking into his numbers he strikes out about 15% of the time while walking 9% of the time. This leads

to his on base percentage of .360 and a slugging percentage of .460. He tends to hit an equal amount of

fly balls to ground balls with line drives 20% of the time. His plate discipline is great as he only chases

pitches out of the zone 24% of the time. All of these stats though, say nothing about heart and

leadership. What does is his longevity and how he is in the dugout. Does he hustle day in and day out,

does he accept his role and is he a good teammate. Being on the Phillies for all but a few years’ shows

he was a good for the clubhouse and a team leader or he would have been traded long ago. Hopefully

the young Dodgers will look to the experience of Utley to help them through the year.

CBS Sports baseball scout Jason Rutherford