What is launch angle?

What is launch angle?

I’ve talked about launch angle; simply it is the angle that the ball comes off the bat. The way to

judge is less than 10 degrees you are seeing a ground ball, 10-25 degrees is a line drive, 26-50 is a fly ball

and lastly over 50 is a pop up. When you hear his launch angle is 20 degrees an old schooler would say

he just hit a line drive. Another stat is exit velocity. This is explained by how fast the ball is coming off

the bat. The average exit velocity is about 88 miles per hour (MPH). But we are continuously hearing

about balls coming off the bat at over 100 MPH from the top hitters. To the old schoolers the correct

term would be “hitting the crap out of the ball”. I’ll go over more later, oh and by the way the Dodgers

lost 9-6 to the Rockies. Or to the saber-metricist the Dodgers didn’t have enough total bases to beat the


CBS Sports baseball scout Jason Rutherford