McCarthy gets first loss

McCarthy gets first loss

Today Brandon McCarthy wasn’t as sharp as he would have liked to have been tonight as lost his

first game of the season, giving up 6 earned runs on 8 hits against the rival Giants. The Dodgers failed to

come back in the 9 th inning losing 8-4. Looking at McCarty’s pitching stats we see that the sinkerball

pitcher throws a lot of ground balls (43%) as opposed to fly balls (35.1%). His success depends on his

control and how many swings out of the strike zone he can get. He does get a lot of strikeouts averaging

6.63 per nine innings. His control is very good as it has to be only giving up a little more than 2 runs per


Over the course of his career McCarthy has had 30% of his pitches swung at outside the strike

zone which is conducive to getting outs. He pitches to contact which is made 72% of the time which is

usual for sinkerball pitcher giving up ground balls. The kiss of death is when he gets the ball up; this lets

the hitters get the good part of the bat on the ball. But for the most part he is a tough guy coming back

after taking a line drive off the head while playing for the A’s. His career era is 4.14 and the Dodgers run

to the championship hinges on a good season from McCarthy.

2017 Stats 3 1 4.15 6 6 0 34.2 30 1.27
MLB Career Stats 60 69 4.16 227 172 0 1087.0 801 1.29

YearTeamLGNPPitch TypeAvg Pitch Speed (mph)Avg Perceived Speed (mph)Avg Spin Rate (rpm)Avg Extension (feet)Avg Exit Velocity (mph)
2017 Dodgers NL 141 Cutter 91.45 90.87 2199.00 5.82 82.73
MLB Avg - - - Cutter 88.47 87.91 2222.00 5.92 86.18

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