Dodgers stop the bleeding

Dodgers stop the bleeding

The Dodgers sent their ace to the mound to stop the losing streak they were on. Clayton

Kershaw didn’t disappoint winning his 7 th game by throwing 7 shutout innings giving up only 3 hits

walking no one and striking out 5. Kershaw is on a roll which is hardly surprising; he has been almost

automatic during the regular season when he’s had to be. Over the course of his 9 year career he has

averaged just over 9 strikeouts per nine innings while allowing on 2.5 walks. His ERA is at 2.37 which

helps keep the Dodgers in the game. He seems to have no ill effects from his injury last season.

Delving into his pitch selection he throws fastballs at 93.2 MPH around 60% of the time, he

mixes in sliders at 85 MPH at about 22% and curveballs at 73 MPH 13% of the time. What this tells us

that there is a 20 mph difference from fastball to curve. This is why he has so many strikeouts, because

is really messing with the timing of the hitters. Just as you catch up with the fastball you’ll see the slider

or the slow curve which would put the hitter on his front foot and not get a good swing at it. These

pitches are also why he gets batters to swing at pitches out of the zone 32% of the time. The curve and

slider set up the fastball making it look faster. This shows why Kershaw is successful and why he is the

ace of the staff.

CBS Sports baseball scout jason rutherford

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