Dodgers take Marlins for 3 game ride

Dodgers take Marlins for 3 game ride

The Dodgers took 3 out of four from the Marlins this weekend winning today 6-3 behind

Brandon McCarthy’s 6 innings allowing a run on 3 hits. This gives McCarthy a 4-1 record. Setting up the

top starters as Kershaw, Wood, and McCarthy and with Hill and Maeda getting healthy they should

make a run at another division championship. On the offensive side Yasmani Grandal and Adrian

Gonzales had 3 hits apiece. Grandal is hitting at .299, real good at the catching position that can be

brutal on the body. He has shown some power hitting 27 homeruns last year, but you can count on at

least 16-25 a year.

Projecting what Grandal will do the rest of the year will is what we try to do here. His OPS is .779

giving him a good on base + slugging percentage. He has been more of pull hitter the last two years but

goes opposite field about 23% of the time. This will pay dividends in a higher batting average. His exit

velocity is 87% and his launch angle is 12 % which makes him a line drive to ground ball hitter. His

lifetime average is .244 but is due for a breakout year. It all hinges on how bad he gets beat up behind

the plate whether he can keep his average up or not.

CBS Sports baseball scout jason rutherford