The Future of AGON

The Future of AGON

Tonight the Cardinal pitching was a little too much as the Dodgers lost 6 – 1. Rich Hill gave up 5

earned runs in 4 innings while walking 7 to get his 2 nd loss of the year. Since coming off the DL Adrian

Gonzalez has been steadily moving up the hitting ranks. The hard hitting 1 st baseman is currently hitting

.254 much below his lifetime average of .284. This year Gonzales has battled a bunch of little injuries

that caused him to go on the Disabled list for the first time in his career. All of this has combined to slow

Gonzales down this year.

2017 Stats 134 8 35 1 19 0 .261 .315 .666
MLB Career Stats 6873 976 1989 309 1165 6 .289 .361 .850

For most of his career Adrian has been very consistent, playing at least 158 games a season

while having a combined .289 batting average with 308 home runs and 1161 RBI’s. At this point we can

look inside the numbers to see if he is ready to break out. He sprays the ball around as he pulls the ball

39% of the time, back through the middle 34% and to the opposite field 27%. This shows he is capable of

going with pitches to raise his batting average. He loves the fastball as he hits them 60% of the time.

With an exit velocity of 89 mph, and a launch angle of 14.76 degrees he should come back to his lifetime


CBS Sports baseball scout Jason Rutherford