Maeda struggles but Dodgers Get The W

Maeda struggles but Dodgers Get The W

Kenta Maeda struggled through the first inning once again giving up three runs but didn’t give

up any more. But lasted only 4 innings and gave way to Brandon Morrow who got the win. The Dodgers

remain hot and the bullpen stayed strong although they gave up their first run after 24 scoreless innings.

The starters really need to go a little farther into the games as the bullpen has been used a lot over the

last few games. This was Morrows first game with the Dodgers after being with San Diego last year.

2017 Stats 4 2 5.21 9 9 0 48.1 46 1.28
MLB Career Stats 20 13 3.86 41 41 0 224.0 225 1.17

Morrow throws his fastball at 94 MPH at 63% of the time, to go along with a slider at 87 MPH

19%, change up at 86 MPH 9.5% of the time. He also shows a cutter and a curveball every once in a

while. His top pitch is a hard sinker that is 97 MPH with a spin rate of 2391 rpm, which is higher than

normal for a sinker ball. The exit velocity off the bat is about 88 mph. Morrow’s opponents exit velocity

is 88 MPH which is below league avg. He is a great addition to an already good bullpen.