Chris Taylor Grand Slam

Chris Taylor Grand Slam

The Dodgers waited till the top of the ninth to win on a grand slam by the hot hitting Chris

Taylor. Rich hill only went 4 innings, then giving way to Stripling, Hatcher, a blown save by Shields, then

Brandon Morrow threw the 8 th to get the win and Jansen got the save. Once again the starter only goes

4, this has got to be taxing the relief core, or is a new strategy because the bats have been quiet not to

get too much behind?

Looking at Chris Taylors hot bat, is now hitting .328 with 7 homeruns with 23 rbi’s . His on base

percentage is .411 which lets us know he is getting on base a lot, and his OBS(On base percentage plus

slugging percentage) is .932 an Awesome number. His exit velocity is at 91 MPH and Launch angle is

10.34. This shows he is squaring up the ball and hitting low line drives. He’s a fastball hitter (52%) but

can hit the slider (16.4%) as well. 70% of the time he is swinging at balls in the strike zone . This shows

he has a good eye as he has walked 14.4% of the time.

CBS Sports baseball scout Jason Rutherford