New publisher, new site name web site will have a new name in a few days -- and with it comes a new publisher, Tot Holmes. Holmes has published the Dodgers Blue Book annually for the past 25 years and has co-published Baby Blue along with Bill Shelly for the past 18 years. Holmes and Shelly have also collaborated on Dodgers Dugout, a tab-sized newspaper starting it's 19 year in February. Holmes is a former newspaper editor who received three separate tryouts with the Brooklyn Dodgers before being drafted -- by the U.S. Army -- and missing his chance to become one of the Boys of Summer, at least that's what he tells people. Shelly is the resident minor league expert and is a walking Dodger minor league encyclopedia of lore and legend ranging from Cal Abrams to Geoff Zahn. Another long-time newspaper man, he covered a number of major league football and baseball teams during his career.

Phil Spencer, once a Dodger bird-dog who had the remarkable experience of broadcasting Durham Bulls games before Kevin Costner was born, has written for Dodgers Dugout for many years and will be a contributing editor on the site. A successful television and radio station owner, he would rather talk about Ebbets Field or Sandy Koufax.

The trio are regulars at Dodgertown during spring training and between them they have more than 150 years of experience with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers and have watched the team -- with both amazement and dismay -- since the mid-1940s. A number of other Dodger writers will also be involved in both writing and posting on the site, including Michael

Publications credited to the three veterans include: Dodgers Dugout covers the major league club plus their eight farm clubs in great detail and is published 19 times a year -- twice a month during the regular season with individual game stories and photos. It contains feature stories, trades, player moves, statistics, special photos and more. The Dodgers Blue Book/Baby Blue is a double publication that includes both the major and minor franchises.

The Blue Book portion has the complete Dodger records of every player who has worn Dodger Blue since 1890. Special features include all-time records in all major categories with features, photos and statistics. The Baby Blue portion has the records of every Dodger minor league player as well as all-time franchise records of each club and their managers along with MVPs from each minor league club and year-end awards to the Most Valuable Player, Top Pitcher, Rookie of the Year and Scout of the Year.

Jackie—1947 is a complete story of Jackie Robinson's traumatic first season in the major leagues, with an introduction that includes his 1946 season with Montreal. The book has a game-by-game report with every box score of that history-making season and complete coverage of the 1947 World Series.

Brooklyn's Best I documents events and some of the players that made the Brooklyn team so special, including features on Pete Reiser, Billy Cox, Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella along with a decade-by-decade team from 1890 to 1957. Many photos and Willard Mullin ‘Bum' cartoons. Brooklyn's Best II is more of the same, with features on Johnny Podres, Al Gionfriddo, Whitlow Wyatt, Fred Fitzsimmons, Karl Spooner and Joe Black. Complete coverage of the 1900, 1941 and 1963 pennant winners. More special Mullin cartoons and much more.

Brooklyn's Babe, the Life and Legend of Babe Herman, following the greatest hitter in Dodger history through his minor and major league career. It includes many of Herman's private photos, the many Dodger records he still holds some 70+ years later during his 50-year career in baseball.

If you have questions, or answers, we will be glad to hear from you and you will hear from one or more of us. It is a delight to be with such a knowledgeable group of Dodger fans (we read the message board) such as yourselves and we know we're in really good company. Any suggestions, additions or just plain old comments will be welcome.