Gagne Loses Arbitration

Eric Gagné lost his arbitration case against the Dodgers, that is if taking your salary from $550,000 last year to $5 million this year a loss. He had asked for $8 million, and after being perfect in 55 save situations last season, some might think he is worth all of that. <br><br>

Assistant general manager Kim Ng, who put the Dodgers' case together said, "I'm happy the process is over," she said. "This is not a fun process; it's a very tough process but it's there if we need it. Trust me, it's hard.

"I didn't know how it would come out. The guy is a Cy Young Award winner. He's done some incredible things over the last couple years."

Even with the ‘loss' Gagné still becomes the highest-paid third-year reliever in baseball history along with the largest arbitration award in Dodgers history.

New general manager Paul DePodesta said that he factored the midpoint ($6.5 million) as Gagné's salary in his overall payroll projection and the additional $1.5 million would not dramatically impact his ability to make an acquisition. The Dodgers' payroll now is around $97 million.

He was non-committal when asked whether he would offer Gagné a multiyear contract and indicated he did not think the outcome would carry over onto the field.

The Dodgers have traditionally avoided arbitration when it is at all possible but are 13-6 overall in cases since 1974.

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