McCourt Talks to the Players

Frank and Jamie McCourt, along with a number of other Dodger officials, spoke to the team before the first full-squad workout at Dodgertown. They McCourts reiterated their commitment to winning during a 45-minute meeting. General Manager Paul DePodesta, Manager Jim Tracy and Derrick Hall, senior vice president, also spoke to players. <br><br>

"We're not rebuilding,'' McCourt said. "My goal is to win this year. My goal is to win every year. That's the single focus that I need everybody in this organization to understand when they come to work. Not just the players, by the way.

"This is a very good team with a lot of good players. As Tracy was telling them, they've averaged almost 90 wins a year the last three years. But the team hasn't finished. I agree with his statement, and that's what we need to do. We have plenty of time to do what it takes here to finish -- this year, by the way.''

McCourt told the players "I want players to have respect and pride for the Dodger uniform. I want you to know what it means not just to put it on but to wear it with respect.''

Tracy called McCourt's presentation "very impressive'' and said he didn't mind the new owner's sense of urgency. "I think the message was loud and clear as to what the expectations are,'' he said. "Any scenario like that, when you know what the ground rules are, you have absolutely no problem in dealing with them.''

Players applauded the new owner's enthusiasm. Paul Lo Duca said he liked the tone of the speech and that the players seemed to be paying attention.