Dodger Kids Working Strike Zone

While standing next to both General Manager Paul DePodesta and Logan White, Director of Amateur Scouting, behind the batting cage at Dodgertown, I watched the Dodgers top young prospects. However, they were not hitting. <br><br>

Instead, with Steve Colyer and then Augustin Montero throwing hard, they took turns at the plate with bat in hands and called out whether the pitches were balls or strikes. The arbiter/umpire was Gene Richards, Outfield and Baserunning Coordinator.

While Bill Shelly was talking with Logan White, I was talking with Paul DePodesta. Both men have different philosophies when it comes to drafting young players.

While White and the Dodgers favor signing high school players, DePodesta and Oakland preferred signing college players, and the stats on their selections are wide apart.

I asked DePodesta about their differences and whether there could be disagreement. He responded in the negative, indicating both methods can be meshed into an effective method of selection.

He praised White and his scouting staff's efforts and success in signing many excellent prospects. A story published in a New York area newspaper intimated there was a White-DePodesta problem but I didn't get that feeling at all.