Dee says 'no' to Dodgers

Mike Dee, the Boston Red Sox's executive vice president for business affairs, turned down an offer from Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt to become the club's president and chief operating officer. The McCourts are looking for someone to replace Bob Graziano, who turned in his resignation weeks ago but remains in the position until a successor can be found.

Dee was offered the job last week. He decided not to accept after the Red Sox expanded Dee's responsibilities and gave him the new title of chief operating officer. Dee also will become president of the newly formed New England Sports Enterprises.

"The Dodger offer was a very flattering," Dee said. "The McCourts were terrific throughout this process. I can't say enough about them. I think they're going to be great owners and great additions to Major League Baseball. My decision was driven by the people here with the Red Sox, beginning with (owner) John Henry and (chairman) Tom Werner, the people I work for and the people I work with."

Dee is believed to be the first person offered the position since Graziano resigned. Graziano's departure didn't become public until last week, but it had been widely anticipated since the club was sold to the McCourts by NewsCorp, which had owned the Dodgers since 1998.