Green back to right field

Shawn Green, only days after announcing that he is feeling comfortable at first base and ready to open the season there, will move back to right field.

"He's not only passed the test at first base, he succeeded over there, manager Jim Tracy said. "Due to the offensive load he has had to carry with our club, we want him out there where he's comfortable and that's extremely important at this time."

Tracy said they would be using a number of combinations at first base for the rest of the spring season.

Tracy had moved Green to first base because it was thought that a power hitter would be added to the lineup, probably an outfielder.

He mentioned that Robin Ventura would be getting more playing time at first base.

"It's about the time of spring that the veteran's start rounding into playing shape. Robin is a terrific defensive player and long with the other members of the infield, that makes for a strong defense."