Dodgers re-sign lefty

Once again Derek Thompson will get a chance to pitch for the Dodger organization. Thompson, a 6-2, 185-pound lefthander had been selected by the Dodgers from the Cleveland Indians system in the Rule V draft in December , 2002. However, he blew his pitching elbow out during early drills the next spring which necessitated surgery putting him on the disabled list for the entire 2003 season.

Last December his contract was not renewed, making him a free agent. Due to a rules technicality, however, he wasn't eligible to sign a new contract with any team until March 15. On that date, he agreed to a minor league deal with the Dodgers so will now report to the Dodgertown camp to begin his comeback on the mound.

Since the deal is on the minor league level , the Rule V stipulation that a player must first be offered back to his original team no longer applies to the 23-year-old who once was one of the Indians' more highly regarded prospects.