Our Dodgers

First of all, we do not know if Jim Tracy plans to carry 11 or 12 pitchers, or, for that matter, 2 or 3 catchers. But what we do know is which players constituted the Dodgers of 2003 for the most part. When we think about the Dodgers of 2004, we do not know which new players will be added. But we can compare if we take the liberty of guessing which players could be there.

So check it out, which team is better, last year's, or the one projected below:

2003 -- 2004
1B McGriff, Ventura, Coomer -- Ventura, Garcia
2B Cora and Cabrera -- Cora and Cabrera
3B Beltré -- Beltré
SS Izturis -- Izturis
LF Jordan, Burnitz -- Encarnacion and Trammell
CF Roberts and Ruan -- Roberts and Romano
RF Green -- Green
C Lo Duca and Ross -- Lo Duca and Ross
Util Kinkade -- Hernandez
#1 SP Brown -- Nomo
#2 SP Nomo -- Perez
#3 SP Perez -- Ishii
#4 SP Ishii -- Weaver
#5 SP Alvarez -- Jackson
#6 SP Dreifort -- Alvarez
RP Gagne -- Gagne
RP Mota -- Mota
RP Quantrill -- Dre
ifort RP Shuey -- Shuey
RP Martin -- Martin
RP Colyer -- Lima

My current analysis is the Dodgers are weaker at first base and in left field and that is not to denigrate Juan Encarnacion who should do well. But the combined hitting of Jordan and power of Burnitz offered more offense.

The starting rotation is weaker with Brown gone.

The bullpen however should be just as good. But this team (my projection) does not look like a division or pennant winner.

The same weaknesses we had last year are still there, first base, left field and a proven hitter at second base. All the talk about quick and decisive action has been slow in coming.

I just hope it hasn't lost it's way.