In my opinion ...

Jim Tracy continues has made statements about players which are more confusing than soothing. He may be the only man in Vero Beach who doesn't believe that Jose Lima is the best "newcomer" and one who should make this team.

There are only two starters who have pitched as well or better than Lima, Odalis Perez and Wilson Alvarez. Hideo Nomo, Kaz Ishii, Jeff Weaver and Edwin Jackson have not done well. Not a single one shows That he belongs in the starting rotation -- yet.

Certainly at least two of them will be there opening day, but which ones?

If the Dodgers trade a starter for a hitter, I hope it's not Perez. Lima in my view is in the mix of seven possible starters. Tracy should say that instead of dancing around.

As for the bullpen, I think they were too quick to demote Jason Frasor and Yhency Brazoban. The two had not given up a run this spring. I can not figure what they see in Rick White who has given up 15 hits and 12 runs in 6.2 innings.

Duaner Sanchez is getting consideration as well he should, based on his spring performance to date. There are six relievers from last year still in consideration for bullpen spots. Eric Gagne, Guillermo Mota, Darren Dreifort and Tom Martin appear to be locks, leaving Paul Shuey and Steve Colyer who have been bounced around this spring. We could see at least one change.

There are a couple of weeks to go before the season opens and I see several possible moves. Edwin Jackson, unless he gets untracked, could open the season with Las Vegas, and it's the same for Steve Colyer. I can see Paul Shuey possibly going in a trade.

Hideo Nomo's breaking balls have been okay, his problem is what used to be his fastball. He's been in the low 80s and as I watch the radar guns from the press box, I haven't seen him hit 85 yet.

Ishii's last outing was much better. Maybe changing his mechanics is becoming second nature and his control problems will decrease.

Weaver is so new to me, I have no opinion other than he's given up a lot of hits and runs, but I will say he has a smooth delivery for whatever that's worth. Shuey will likely get better, Colyer I am not so sure about.

Jim Tracy will have a tough time picking his 11 or maybe 12 (I doubt it) pitchers. Personally, I will be surprised if Jose Lima is not among them.

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