My concerns ...

I have a feeling we are seeing history repeat itself. I recall the last two years that Eric Karros was a Dodger. He had lost his power, and was hitting into double plays and had trouble pulling the ball, plus he was not getting the clutch hits he once delivered. <br><br>

Well I am concerned with Shawn Green who could be going through the same thing. Like Karros before he left hitting bombs in batting practice from a coach who would throw the ball down the middle he didn't in the games.

Now Green looked good early on in batting practice this spring, but once the games started he has looked like Eric Karros re-incarnated. He's hitting everything to the left side.

Perhaps now is the time to trade him.

The Chicago White who have been almost impossible to deal with might consider a salary swap. How about Green for Magglio Ordonez? The Dodgers could put Ordonez in left field and move Juan Encarnacion back to right field.

And at the same time stop fooling around thinking of a minor leaguer to play first base in Graham Koonce. Get a proven major leaguer and someone who can switch hit.

Jay Gibbons of Baltimore would be ideal. He could play first until the day James Loney comes up, then move to the outfield.

But what could we offer the Orioles for Gibbons? How about three players: Kaz Ishii, Paul Shuey and their choice of either Brian Falkenborg, Orlando Rodriguez or Augstin Montero.

What about this lineup for run production: Dave Roberts CF, Cesar Izturis SS, Adrian Beltré 3B Jay Gibbons 1B, Magglio Ordonez LF, Juan Encarnacion RF, Paul Lo Duca C and Joe Thurston 2B.

That would be the best hitting lineup the Dodgers have had in years. And the guys we offered would not be missed that much. Alvarez is a far better starter than Ishii and with Mota, Martin, Colyer and Lima the bullpen won't lose a thing and if Jeff Weaver falters he could go to the pen and move Lima into the rotation. The younger guy included won't be missed at all.