New Year's resolution [late]

It is obviously very late for the New Years and very early for baseball, but I made ten resolutions to keep in mind over the next six months. They are: <br>

1. To remember we lost our best starter and setup man, Brown and Quantrill.
2. We filled only two of our four big needs with Encarnacion and Bradley.
3. We have to live with a weak hitting middle infield but keep in mind they do give us outstanding defense.
4. That this could be the year Adrian Beltré does what we have anticipated and waited for .300 BA - 25 HR - 90 RBI.
5. That injuries will always take a toll on a team and why having solid prospects in AAA is important.
6. That a new owner new to the game of baseball, is much like a player who has to get into a groove before hitting well.
7. That our General Manager is new to the National League and has to learn not all about his team, but the territory as well.
8. That we may still have to dust off the old Dodger adage, "Wait 'til next year".
9. That some players begin to lose their prowess earlier than usual and sometimes quickly.
10. That patience is a very good thing to have, even though difficult sometimes.